Carpool Rider(es), guaranteed.

Find riders. Never miss a ride. HOVLR matches riders to drivers to guarantee a carpool match.

Does this scenario look familiar?

You are trying to get into San Francisco using casual carpool, but, at your usual pick-up location, there are 4 cars but no passengers. You decide to go to a different location, a few blocks away, just to find 7 passengers waiting but no cars.

HOVLR will fix that

HOVLR will help East Bay casual car-poolers get into San Francisco faster and in a more dependable way.

On your smart phone:

select whether you are a driver or a passenger.

select your destination and when you'll arrive.

That's all.

Using your phone's sensors and GPS antenna, the application will record your arrival and departure at/from the pick-up location.

The information is sent to our cloud-based system that will generate real-time status reports for all locations and sync them back with the users' smart-phones.

As a user, you can check pick-up locations around you and decide which one to head to based on the number of passengers/drivers at or heading to these locations, at that particular time.

HOVLR will use your phone's sensors to automatically determine the users' location in relationship to existing pick-up spots, whether the user is walking, driving or waiting. This data will allow us to establish geo-fences and patterns and to generate a real-time snapshot of all locations, so you can plan more efficiently.